What is Detailing?

Detailing is the deep cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle to like new condition and the protecting of paint, leather and vinyl surfaces. Detailing can make an older car look new again and keep a new car looking it’s best for years to come. If you are leasing a car, taking good care of the appearance can help you avoid charges at the end of your lease. Have a good running older car? Proper detailing will keep the car looking as good as it runs.

We use the highest quality surface care and interior cleaning and protectant products available. We use Optimum and Meguiars professional level paint cleaners, polishes and waxes and interior protectants. In addition, we also use fine products from Clearkote, Poorboy’s, Werkstatt, Pinnacle and Bio-Kleen. All polishing is done with Porter Cable and a rotary polisher for a swirl free finish.

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