* Prices listed cover the standard price range for most vehicles (up to a full-sized SUV) in normal condition. If the vehicle requires additional work due to harsh or abnormal conditions, then the price will be on a Quoted Basis.
Car Wash Hand wash, vacuum, clean all windows inside & out, wipe down dash & console and dress tires Starts at $30 for small cars
2 car min in Arlington
3 car min outside Arlington
 Exterior Detail Wash, clay, 1 DA polishing step and wax or sealant. Starts at $100
 Exterior Detail Addl. There is an extra charge for overspray removal, excessive scratches, oxidized paint, etc (I will let you know prior to beginning the detail) $45 Per hour as needed or based on request!
 Exterior Detail Addl. 3-5 step polishing packages are also available for the most swirl free finish possible at an additional cost.  Rotary polishing may be required. Price Quoted at
time of Detail!
 Interior Detail Vacuum, shampoo carpets and fabric, clean/treat vinyl and leather, clean headliner, interior windows door jams and weather stripping Start at $65 for cars
Start at $85 for small SUVs
Start at $110 minivans
- large  SUVs
 Interior Detail Addl. Exterior wash $15.00 - $25.00*
 Interior Detail Addl. Very dirty interiors will require an additional charge (I will let you know prior to beginning the detail) Price Quoted at
time of Detail!
 Full Detail Combination of interior & exterior detail $150 and up - most cars
$175 and up - most trucks
$200 and up - small SUVs
$250 and up - large SUVs
- minivans
 Full Detail There is an extra charge for clay detailing excessive scratches, oxidation, extra dirty interiors, etc. Price Quoted at
time of Detail!
Full Correction Detail One full day or more of polishing. A full correction detail is a very labor intensive detail that takes multiple polishing steps and sometimes even wetsanding to remove all possible defects and swirls in the paint. Recommended for collector cars, exotics, weekend cars and garage queens. Price does include going over with the vehicles's owner how to properly care for the finish so the paint stays as defect free as long as possible. Starts at $450

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